The Future

We have accomplished so much. But there is so much more to do.

Our resources are stretched to the limit. Thousands more need hot meals. Our medical clinics are desperately short of supplies. Our community center in Moscow is bursting at the seams, and parents and children are clamoring for us to open another elementary school.

The demand for our books is overwhelming. Thousands of families are begging for Jewish knowledge, but are too poor to buy even one book. Schools and libraries ask for our help but there’s no money and the children lose out.

We need your sponsorship to educate and inspire young minds. Our Israel employment program is underfunded. We need to have more vocational counselors. We need more opportunities for our talented immigrants. We need more classes and programs to engage newcomers in their wonderful Jewish heritage.

We need your support.



"Great is Tzedakah
for it speeds
the Redemption

– The Talmud        

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